Marion Cotillard for Christian Dior 2010

Marion Cotillard hits Shanghai for Christian Dior’s Lady Dior


Harlow Madden

How can you NOT love this adorable girl??

Marriage Fail: Sandra Bullock Filing for Divorce!!

Poor Sandy.  Rat Bastard JJ cheated on her with at LEAST three women and there are rumored reports of MORE!  Sandy backed out of all her international premieres for ‘The Blind Side’ and went into heavy duty hiding.  She immediately moved out of their home and has filed for Divorce.  RBJJ’s response?  He gave a very brief, one-liner apology.  *pshhh *  He should be on his friggin KNEEES begging for her back~

Personally, I’m incredibly glad that Sandy has enough self-respect to walk out and not look back.  She raised Rat Bastard JJ’s three kids like her own and even went to court with RBJJ to fight for the youngest girl from her porn-star mama.  After all her hard-work I guess her lack of “tattoos and big boobs” wasn’t enough.  RBJJ apparently put up and answered ads on craigslist for big breasted women with tattoos.  *sigh *

There is supposedly an oscar curse for women.  What do you guys think?  Do you believe it?

Sandra Bullock Filing for Divorce!


The Hills has been CANCELLED

The 6th season of The Hills will be its last.  The cast has decided to “pursue other interests”~ however I’m positive MTV canceled the show because there was a 30% dip in ratings last season without Lauren Conrad as the Narrator.  The show has grown with these young girls and watched them discover themselves and relationships while saturated with gossip, cat-fights and unnecessary drama.  The show was fun and exciting while LC was on there~ but after she left…Kristin just couldn’t hold it together despite her feable attempts to cause drama.
This season, we’ll be following Heidi’s plastic surgery reveal, Kristin’s rumored Cocaine use, and Audrina’s pathetic relationship with Ryan Cabrera.
As much as I loved this show, I’m glad it’s coming to an end.  These girls need to ground themselves into something real and NOT live on drama, clothes, plastic surgery and “beauty”.

Angelina Jolie to star in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Remake?

Rumors are flying the Angie will star as the mean Malefiecent according to the LA Times.

This will be a great role for her and a movie that her children can see.  Jolie was proud of staring in Kung Fu Panda because she was finally able to bring her kids to the premiere and have them watch Mommy’s work.  Uhh…need I even remind the world about her risque roles and movies?  If Jolie does indeed get signed for the role, this will be an awesome movie!  Now…who will play Sleeping Beauty?  Amy Adams?  Amanda Seyfried?  Alice Eve?

Will Angelina Jolie Star in "Sleeping Beauty"  Remake?



Stripes for SRPING!  From Lookbook

Hot New Accessory: Babies

Need I say more?  These babies are the CUTEST things around~

Nicole Richie


Beyonce is Pregnant!

Although the couple are still mum, sources around them report that Beyonce will continue to work through the pregnancy and say that the couple are very excited for this new chapter of their lives.


Harlow Madden is ADORABLE~

Harlow Madden Is Tutu Cute!


Harlow Madden is the cutest kid around!  Her golden curls, huge doll eyes and rosy cheeks are OUT OF THIS WORLD!  She’s a mini-nicole ❤

David Beckham’s Career Over?


After tearing his achillies tendon during a recent match for AC Milan, David Beckham’s soccer career could be very well over.  This much adored soccer star who played for elite teams such as England’s Manchestor United, Spanish Real Madrid, and USA’s Galaxy team~ Beckham has had a mesmerizing career.  But his famous footwork isn’t the only thing he’s famous for.  Women worship him for his underwear ads, Men copy his numerous tattoos and the fashion world praises him for his designer jeans and fashion line with famous wife, Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice).

This devastating injury prevented Beckham from any dreams he had of playing in the World cup, but could also halt his career for good.  The 34-year-old has been a legend for more than ten years, but has been getting injured more frequently, resulting in a slower game.  Although he can still out perform and out run many athletes, a crushing and irreversible injury like this might be the end of Beckham’s successful career.  David received medical attention in Finland immediately after the injury, but looks to be back in LA for some R&R with his family.

Best of Luck David.  At the very least, you can still be an underwear model for Calvin Klein~  I’m sure women all around the world will be thanking you ❤


NYC Chic

I love this look!  The casual, off-the shoulder dress with a nautical pattern, delicate gold bracelets, casual side braid and bright Louboutin pumps to complete the leggy look.  The pop of color is unexpected and really brings in a new dimension to the casual outfit.  LOVES IT.



Reggie Bush Cheated On Kim Kardashian



Reggie and Kim were the golden couple who were going to have gorgeous babies and live in their house made of solid gold.  They had it MADE!!  What was he THINKING?  or should I say…what was he thinking WITH?  ughh…

If you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you know that Kim was HEAD OVER HEELS in love with R.  She cooked for him in 5-inch heels and a thong, she flew to New Orleans, went to his games, had web sex with him, and shot a friggin CALENDER for him!  Kim Kardashian was truly the sexiest and warmest person Reggie could have EVVERRRR gotten.  It’s being reported that Reggie has been unfaithful for quite some time.  He’s been seen with other woman all over the country and one was even seen leaving his home at 7am the day after St. Patrick’s day.

After the scandal with Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, I’m actually not as surprised as I thought I would have been.  Why is it that guys can’t keep it in their pants?  On KUWTK show, out of all the boyfriends, he seemed to be the most faithful, sweet, responsible and down-to-earth.  He broke the stereotype I had that Athletes were all dogs and needed to be neutered.  *sigh *  I guess I put TOO much faith in just one person.

Reports of the two breaking up broke a few weeks ago, but the initial reason claimed that Reggie was tired of being in the spotlight and disliked how camera/fame hungry Kim was.  It was said that Kim tried to steal some of Reggie’s superbowl limelight and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I suppose that was a story from the Bush Camp to divert the blame and attention away from this breaking story.

Well Kim…there are a billion other men on this Earth who are DYYYING to be your boyfriend and treat you like a Goddess.  Keep you head up and your body bangin’


Jesse James Cheats on Sandra Bullock

SAY IT AIN’T SO!  PLEASE…say it ain’t so…
Sandy and Jesse have been married a mere 5-years and their relationship is being rocked by rumors of infidelity for more than a year and a sham marriage for publicity purposes.  This seemingly picture perfect couple is now being bombarded with papparazzi and personal interviews with their closest friends/relatives.  The people talking?  The ones being paid.  What a new low…Jesse’s mistress received $30,ooo for her “exclusive” interview and divulged a lot of private, intimate details about their long affair and how he “really” felt about Sandy.
This past year, Sandy hit all time highs with The Proposal and The Blindside.  Sandy’s reputation went from Girl-Next-Door to doting mom and award winning actress.  On top of that, the TV shows she had been producing were huge success and she made a memorable appearance as a “chola” on Comedian, George Lopez’s show.  This was supposed to be the YEAR of her life.  She even mentioned in several interviews that she had never wanted kids until she met Jesse and went on to thank him profusely during each of her award speeches.
Currently, Bullock moved out of their home and has been hiding from the media.  Jesse publicly apologized to Sandy and his kids regarding this embarrassing and very public affair.  Chin-up Sandy…this will still be the best year of your life.
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
It is rumored that Oscars are a curse for female actresses.  Here are some starlettes that broke up with their beaus/husbands shortly after receiving theirs…

Kate Winslet and Sam MendesCharlize Theron and Stuart Townsend

Reese Witherspoon and Ryan PhillippeHilary Swank and Chad Lowe

Halle Berry and Eric BenetJulia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt

Helen Hunt and Hank AzariaKim Basinger and Alec Baldwin

Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh

Baby by me, Be a millionare

Mario Lopez and his long-time girlfriend are having a baby!  This sworn bachelor with never aging, dimpled-face is going to be a dad at 39.  Goodo-by are the days of AC Slater, hello diapers and late night feedings.

Mario Lopez is Going to be Dad!

Rebecca Gayhart and Mc Steamy had a baby girl named Billie Beatrice.  Fugs name, but you know she’s be GORGEOUS.  It took many years for this couple to conceive~  Congrats to the happy couple with their new baby girl ❤

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart Name Daughter Billie


The Real Housewives of OC hit NYC

(WARNING: negative post)

The OC ladies hit up a party with some of the NYC housewives… what a lame party.

These women have nice bodies, unlimited bank accounts and pay thousands for plastic surgery~ but what they REALLLY need are stylists.  I mean…what the HELL are you wearing lynn? you are NOT 25!  get rid of that dress with the rat tail dangling thing.   And Alexis??  you wear the WEIRDEST, most GRANDMA-ish things ever!  You have such a hot body, yet you wear frumpy clothes that make you look fat and 10 years older.  Gretchen…I will always love u.  You’re perfect~ I will not comment on your coat (fugs).


Alexis Bellino: Maxim Girl

In 2003, Alexis submitted her information and pictures to Maxim Magazine for the “hometown hottie” spread.  CRAZY.  The super Christian that she portrays herself to be…is a bit shaky.  On the OC aftershow, her faith and religious beliefs were called out when the host asked her why she’s getting so much plastic surgery~ Does she think God Messed up?

Yikes right?  well in any case…I love the drama on that show and I love that her career ambition was “actress”.  Oh Alexis…her 700cc breasts and constant botox/filler injections make me glad I am not wrapped up in that crazy world.  The women on that show have all the money in the world, but they can’t enjoy a friggin doughnut, starve themselves, over bleach and waxing themselves and get in such catty fights with the ladies who are hotter than they are.  PUHLEASE.

Why can’t you just have a group of friends you have fun with?  Why must fighting and constant jabs at each other’s marriages/relationships/kids be a part of the nightly convo?

My Profile
Alexis – La Jolla, CA

Height: 5’7″
Weight: 123 lbs.
Profession: Health club manager
Preferred Celebrity Status: actor
Relationship Status: married
Favorite Sport/Team: Chargers
Favorite Movie/Actor: Kevin Spacey
Favorite Music/Artist: Madonna
Other: I have a passion for fitness and spoiling my two teacup chihuahuas.


Gilt Groupe: Wedding Sale

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Ronnie and Sammi Still Together?!

After fighting multiple times per episode on Jersey Shore, Sammy and Ronnie had a public breakup on the after show.  It seemed like the “sweetheart” couple was no longer and season two would be in for a lot of uncomfortable moments…

As the cast negotiated and renegotiated contracts, the rambunctious group traveled the country giving interviews, promoting club events and receiving free swag from various merchandisers.  In the end, the group signed a contract that gave each member (except the girl who left early) $10K per episode.  Should the country’s money really be spent this way?  MTV and high ratings seem to prove so.

"Jersey Shore" Couple Ronnie and Sammi Host at Jet Nightclub in Vegas!


Banana Republic’s Jewelry Line

I always thought of BR as more “adult” and stuffy.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older or if the BR lines are becoming more “hip”.  I like to think it’s the latter~ especially since the Gap, Inc. company has begun to enlist guest designers like Stella McCartney.  Plus, with the new additions of Piperlime and Athleta to the companies brands, I have found myself visiting their site (all four brands can be found on the same one) more and more.  In the past, BR used to be a lot pricier than most brands and there still are a lot of items that are way over my price-range, but their jewelry is evenly priced.

Here are some things from their site that I love right now~





OSCARS Best Dressed 2010

SANDRA BULLOCK  photo | Oscars 2010, Sandra Bullock

JENNIFER LOPEZ photo | Oscars 2010, Jennifer Lopez

CAMERON DIAZ  photo | Oscars 2010, Cameron Diaz

MILEY CYRUS  photo | Oscars 2010, Miley Cyrus

DEMI MOORE  photo | Oscars 2010, Demi Moore

ZOE SALDANA  photo | Oscars 2010, Zoe Saldana

RACHEL MCADAMS  photo | Oscars 2010, Rachel McAdams

ANNA KENDRICK  photo | Oscars 2010, Anna Kendrick

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL  photo | Oscars 2010, Maggie Gyllenhaal

VERA FARMIGA  photo | Oscars 2010, Vera Farmiga

ELIZABETH BANKS  photo | Oscars 2010, Elizabeth Banks

Source, Source