SICK: Linda Hogan Engaged to 21-year-old boy toy

Linda Hogan is now engaged to her 21-year-old boy toy~ a child that went to school with her daughter (22) and son (20).  *barf*

After the very public divorce with Hulk Hogan, Linda took the house, the car and the yahcht from him.  Freakish and Shameful~ since she’s been parading around town with this child by her side.  Did I mention she lost the respect of her two kids?  What mom would date the friend of her children and risk losing them over a piece of a$$??

More twisted and weird?  Hulk Hogan is engaged to a 34-year-old woman that is a DEAD RINGER for his daughter Brooke.  *shudder *  this family needs therapy!!

Linda is 50, Charlie 21

Jersey Shore: Season 2~ the fist pump and bump are back!

The Jersey Shore Crew is BACK!  Tonight’s episode was the season premiere of…well….a terrible show with high entertainment value.  Let’s be real folks~ as much as we love indulging in these shows~ the fights are over nothing, the extracurricular activities they’re interested in are superficial, and their vocabulary…lacks a high school diploma and college degree.

All in all, this first episode covered the basics of the cast coming together, including Angelina.  Fireworks shot through the roof when the girls found out that Angie (“the Kim Kardashian of Long Island”) was back in the house.  Ron and Sammi were back in their “off/on” explosive relationship and well…the situation was…the situation.

The two members who really make the show are “Snooki” and “The Situation”.  I can’t wait to see what this season has to hold and what new phrases, trends, and catastrophes will errupt.



William Rast is coming to Target!

Justin Timberlake’s brand, William Rast, is coming to Target December 19th.  Many high-end designers have been launching their lines at Target for affordable prices.  In other words, for normal folks who can’t afford $1,000 shirts and dresses.

Lauren Conrad~ out and about

Oh LC~~how I love you.  I was so sad when you left the hills, but I know it was for the better.

These are pictures of LC shopping at Herve Leger (make of GORGEOUS dresses, designer linked to BCBG).

Lauren Conrad Shops At Herve Leger


Jessica Matrasko Jewelry’s Newest Pieces! (Esther Neckalce!)

This is my third entry about Jessica Matrasko Jewelry, and for good reason!!  Her new collection is GORGEOUS and the stones are bright and cheery for summer =)  ANDDD *drumroll please * one of the new necklaces is named after MEEEE!

Jessica’s jewelry can be found on the red carpet, in TV shows, and on celebrities around town. “Her jewelry is composed of rough cut gemstones and minerals, most are painted with 24K gold while others are wire wrapped by hand. Jessica favors imperfect stones with irregular shapes and colors. She also incorporates real leaves and ocean life are that have been hand painted and preserved in gold. Because the materials are all natural, each piece is unique and beautiful.”

Here’s a sneak peak into three of my favorite necklaces ~

To see more of her collection and beautiful designs: Jessica Matrasko

Aemy Necklace

Esther Necklace

Maureen Necklace

Hurry and get yours ASAP!  I wear my pieces ALL the time and love that it goes with everything I own ❤

Hansome’s Doppelganger

There are certain poses that fit each group/ethnicity.  For instance, gangster pose without smiling and usually throw up a few signs with their hands.  Asians like to use the peace sign.  Hansome?  He likes to pose with his legs apart (see below) or bite his lower lip and throw his hands out to the side as if her were tough (think Jesus on the cross).  LOL

But all in all, his poses are hilarious and his sense of humor shines through the photographs.  I saw this picture below and was astonished that there was ANOTHER Hansome among us.


Blake Lively at Comicon for Green Lantern

WHOA…How crazy is this top that Blake Lively is wearing??  At Comicon in SD this past weekend, all the stars were out promoting their upcoming projects/films.  Blake Lively and Ryan Renolds came to promote their upcoming film, Green Lantern, and show a never before clip of their movie.  I know I should be talking about the film more in depth right now…but I can’t take my eyes off of the clevage!  WOWZA~~
My guess is that all the boys at Comicon were…more than excited. ❤
Blake Lively Accused of Showing Too Much Cleavage at Comic-Con
Blake Lively  Busts Out At Comic Con (PHOTOS)
Blake Lively  Busts Out At Comic Con (PHOTOS)
Blake Lively  Busts Out At Comic Con (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner: Hot Bikini Pics!




YES this little girl is only 14~!!!  But look how steamy and sexy these pictures are.  Damn…I am seriously predicting that she will be more famous (hopefully schandall free) than the other Kardashian sisters.

Mama-To-Be Fashion

How Gorgeous is this mama-to-be?!
I love how this woman below takes fashion to a whole new level and makes being preggers chic and trendy!!  I am in total love with these boho looks~ plus her clothes are light, airy and very comfortable =P
If you’re a mama to be~ here are some great trends to help you get stylin’ no matter how hot the summer months are ❤

Jacket Obsessions

I love these jackets right now!  Although I rarely wear them, these seem to bring out two completely different looks to plain outfits.  The two side-by-side create a bigger contrast to each other, but I love how much character each piece has.  When it comes to my closet, I love to pair plain pieces with one accent that completely changes (and makes) the “look”.


Seriously? House Painted with LV logo

ugly house photos mexicali mexico2.jpg

WOW… Even if this were a mansion~ this would be completely inappropriate.  WOW. This house is in Mexicali, Mexico and nicknamed “Casa de Louis Vuitton”

Do you think LV can sue for wrongfully using their logo without permission?  haha


Yellow Diamonds

I know there are many women out there who want a one of a kind ring.  Some will ask for custom designed baubles while others will opt for a different colored diamond entirely.  Below are some yellow diamond engagement rings.  My PERSONAL opinion… meh…

I’m a total traditionalist in the sense that I like simple, solitaire engagement rings without the fuss of fluff…well…as long as it’s 2 carats or bigger =P

Pictures from Martha Stewart Weddings

What’s Your Wedding Style?

I found this article on a blog I was reading and found it really interesting.  It seems like your style doesn’t REALLY come out until you see the wedding or the way a woman decorates her home.  Which Style Are you?

Urban Chic

You’re pursuing a modern feel for your wedding that’s full of fresh style. Your bridesmaids are all wearing the same color, but probably not the same dress. Clean lines and colors that pop are abundant in every detail, resulting in a charming aesthetic that’s stylish and unforgettable.

The Individualist

Whether you’re donning bright purple stilettos under your dress or planning to make your exit via vintage motorcycle, every last detail of your wedding will embody your signature style. You are a DIY diva and one-of-a-kind is the look you’re going for. You’ll search high and low for found things and vintage details that will result in an event that is all your own.

Ageless Beauty

Refined, elegant and timeless are just a few of the words to describe your effortless style. Your occasion will focus on gorgeous details and a sophisticated style that is both delicate and defined. Think striking contrasts, sparkly accents and everything glamorous.

Bohemian Goddess

A farm fresh menu, locally sourced flowers and a homespun style are a few of the things that define your ideal day. You’re breezy, laid-back and a true romantic at heart. Sweet pastels, rustic details and the perfect venue will make for your dreamy event that will be eco-friendly, but far from shabby.


RIP: The Hills

The end…

MTV's "The Hills Live: A Hollywood  Ending" Finale


Rachel Gilbert: Spring/Summer 2010

Rachel Gilbert’s collection is absolutely gorgeous.  The lines, details and silhouettes are romantic and utterly feminine.  This Australian’s designer gowns are a most certainly for an unconventional, simple bride who likes a bit of sass ❤

My faves are the asymmetrical pink ruffle gown and of course…the sparkled gown below!

rachel gilbert ss10015a Rachel Gilbert Spring Summer 2010

rachel gilbert ss10013a Rachel Gilbert Spring Summer 2010

rachel gilbert ss10012a Rachel Gilbert Spring Summer 2010

rachel gilbert ss10010a Rachel Gilbert Spring Summer 2010


Oscar de La Renta Spring 2011

I LOVE LOVE LOVE ODLR’s new line!  How gorgeous are these ornate gowns?  Sparkles, Feathers, Ruffles, Lace and yards an yards of delicious fabric!  ODLR came out with a ton of asymmetrical gowns that seem to be taking the new Spring season by storm~  Each piece has so much character and sass that I can’t wait to see some celebrities wearing these on the red carpet!

The first is my FAV ❤


Pics: Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough Kiss!!!

Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough: Kiss Kiss!

Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough: Kiss Kiss!
Ryan and Julianne are an item!  I was desperately trying to ignore the rumors because I did NOT want them to be true.  UGH… >.<  Ryan is so femme!  Julianne Hough went from a rough cowboy country singer to a spray tanning d-bag.  I think my love for J-Hough just went down the drain as well… =T
Has Ryan Seacrest who has been a notorious bachelor at 35, found his true love in J-Hough (21)?  Here are pictures of them in Portofino, Italy on July 7th.

Lindsay Lohan is going to Jail!

Celebrities aren’t immune to the Law after all!  Lilo was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating the conditions of her probation.  Short story?  She basically didn’t show up for the weekly breathalyzer sessions, alcohol education classes AND her SCRAM bracelet went off.  There was nothing her Lawyer could do~ the prosecution and Judge were harsh and completely against her from the start.  The prosecution and Judge were not JUST making this difficult so that they could make an example out of Lilo~ but Lilo has been making excuses and pushing back this trial since 2007 when she received 2 DUIs.  This sentence was a long time coming and no one had any patience for her bullshit anymore.  Lilo has to “check-in” at the jail on July 20th and serve her 90 days.  No appeal.  No other options.  The judge cracked down VERY harshly.

The Lohan family is scrambling to overturn the sentence and writing letters~ but it will most likely be to no avail.  Lilo has been fucking up and partying since 2007 without any sense of responsibility.

Check out some of the painful pictures after the judge announces her decision to the Court…


Ladies Wine Night for Jessica Matrasko’s Jewelry Party

Once every three or four months, my friend Lauren has a Jewelry Party at her house for JESSICA MATRASKO Jewelry.  Each time, L will prepare the most magnificent feast of delicious delights from Trader Joe’s.  I drool each time I go and look forward to the food as much as the jewelry!

Veggies with Spinach Dip

Crackers, Brie, Pears and another cheese that was DELIC

Pita Chips and Hummus

7-Layer Bean Dip


On Another great Note:  Jessica Matrasko is having a summer sale!  Check it out~

Jessica’s Jewelry line is gorgeous and well worn amongst celebrities and TV personalities.  Each piece is unique and made from completely natural stones and pieces.

Eclipse Fever

Eclipse Blows Up At The Box Office

Although I’m not an avid fan or reader of this series~ But I am excited to see this new movie!  My fabulous roommate, Apple, and I are celebrating our belated birthdays with dinner and a movie sans the boyfriends tonight.  ❤

So far, this movie raked in $30 Million on opening night (the midnight showing)~ and over $175 Million the first SIX days!!  There are a LOT of little girls, gay men and older women who are dying to catch a glimpse of the love triangle between Jacob and Edward, along with the “War” between the Vampires with the help of the Werewolves.

I would say that I’m much more curious of why this Twilight Saga seems to be taking over the hearts of every girl and gay man.  I read half of the first book and had to put it down because I could NOT get passed the lovey-dovey-“Edward-reads-your-mind” kind of romance.  *barf *  But the movies are less sickening and provide some entertainment value~

Anyone see the movie already?  Thoughts?