Accessories of the Day


Friday was one of my off days and I decided to make it as productive as possible! =)

Here are the acessories I wore.  I tried to mix things up and pair items that I normally don’t wear together~ but that’s the beautfy of accessorizing!!  It’s always more fun to put together odd combinations and make it fit together. xoxo


Spring/Summer 2012: Preppy Essentials

In light of my recent Birthday Theme ideas, I’ve been looking at Preppy outfits~  I have some ideas of what I’d want to wear, but nothing for sure yet.  In the meantime, it can’t to hurt to shop right? =D

Biscayne by Elizabeth and James

Reef Drawstring Bucket by Danielle Nicole

Katie Blazer by Line & Dot
Blazer by Capulet
Gold Coast Leighton by Kate Spade
Sophie Knit Maxi With Braided Belt by Greylin
Genne II Tuxedo Short by Rachel Zoe
Horseshoe Cove Scout by Kate Spade
Linen cable-knit sweater by JCrew Featherweight cashmere cardigan by JCrew
Schoolboy blazer in tipped linen JCrew

Sue Wool Blazer by Elizabeth and James

Silk Tunic Top by Vince
Gladys by Rachel Zoe
Lido by Kate Spade

Animal Print Accessory Wishlist from Piperlime

Gosh, I came across these recently and can’t get them out of my head!  I want, I want!

These babies I want the MOST~ gorgeous sunnies!

1. Animal Hinge Bracelet by Tinley Road $34

2.  Bam Bam Shorts by MINKPINK$79

3.  Bettina by Rebecca Minkoff $129
4.  Karolina by Kate Spade$209.99
5.  Gayla/S by Kate Spade $129

Can all be found on Piperlime =)

Bye Bye Byons

One of my favorite people from LA is leaving this weekend =(

I swear not to make this entry too long or sappy~ but do it feel it necessary to mention my beloved Byons before they depart ❤  These two LA favorites are moving back to Norcal (where they’re from) b/c of some awesome new opportunities.

Mr. Incredible I met in high school when I was 14.  He was one of SKPC’s most eligible bachelors.  LOL  Mrs. Incredible I met at 18 in college.  She was the roommate of a small group leader I knew~  Who would guess that that years later, these two guys would find love and get married??  As a couple, and individually, the Byons have become such a huge part of my life!  Looking back…I have to say…we TORE UP LA!

Rather than posting embarrassing pictures from our past dances, banquets, etc~ Here are some cuter pictures ❤

Such great memories with the ByonSos!  Can’t wait for more fun moments and pics!


Love and Miss you Guys already!

Spring/Summer 2012: Silk Scarf Trend

I dunno what it is about these babies…but Ive been obsessing about them!  The more fun/wild the print, the more I seem to be attracted to it!  This summer, I hope to be rocking them out ❤

Spring/Summer 2012: Neon Accents


I love the new Neon Accent Trend!  It adds brightness and a fresh approach to my summer wardrobe~~

Where is this all from?  Piperlime of course!


DIY Purse Organizer

WOW when I saw this…I wanted it immediately!!  For my new apartment, I totally plan on getting an old book case, refinishing it, and then adding the hooks at the top (by me, I mean Markel)~ and then giving my purses the display case they deserve!  Plus I love the idea that I’d get to utilize the counter space for my jewelry~ thus creating my own “accessories” corner.  =D


Hautelook Haul: BCBG Jackets~~Arrived!

The Jackets finally arrived!!  I’m actually wearing one right now as I type… LOL  Last week i wrote a post about two BCBG Jackets that I ordered and I was super excited.  I don’t own very many jackets and I’m finding more and more that they really complete an outfit.  They bring so much (or take away so much) from what people are wearing.  My picture taking skills aren’t the best in my room (lighting is bad), but here they are!  *taaa daaaa*

I’ll take more “outfit” pictures of myself and post em~ these jackets are ADORABLE!! Love love love~ If you can, I highly recommend getting one =)

2011 Recap: The Blessing and Great Memories

 2011 was an AMAZING year.  It involved a number of theme parties, TONS of bachelorette parties, bridal showers, girls nights out, and new adventures/memories.  I have been really blessed with a group of friends that have been through this journey with me.  My family had just moved to Hawaii and thankfully Markel’s family was still in the LA area~ they really made me feel like part of their family and I can’t say enough how warm and fuzzy that made me!  Here’s a LONGGG list of pictures to map some of the memories and adventures of my year ❤

Gossip Girl Party–The first party to kick off the theme birthdays of the year!

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

Wine Tasting in Malibu for Nansie’s Bday

Wine Tasting in Temecula

Spontaneous and Planned Girls Nights Out

St. Patty’s Day–Obvi not a lot of pics…teehee

Jersey Party (For Markel’s big 26th!)

WHITE party!  (for Anna’s 28th)

 Birthday Swag

Birthday Dinner From My Markel ❤

My 27th Animal Print Party!

Pub Crawl (for Sus’ 28th)

Annual SLO trip!


Trip to Arizona~

Bridal Showers


My Bestie Gets Married!! xo

(and yes…this is where I learned I am an incredibly ugly when I cry…boo)

Byon-So Wedding! xoxoxo

Dee & Nicky P get hitched!

Halloweeeeen ❤ xoxo

My First Sewing Machine! (not including the two hand-me-downs I had)

My First Square ❤

My first (and last) Craft fair

Opened a new Etsy Store:

 My other Etsy Store was growing:

Trip to Seattle to visit Friends

*no pics of me, but tons of what we did LOL*

 Christmas 2012 with the Blairs ❤

NYE 2012 *mustache party*

Tonight’s Mega Million drawing: $363 Mil

will we win?  lol  I’ve never seen a line like this at 7 Eleven before.  WOW!


Spring/Summer 2012: Espadrilles

The sun is out this week and I’ve been doing a big clean sweep of my closet to make room for some fun and flirty summer purchases!

Here are some espadrilles that I’ve been eying on Piperlime~

1 .Malia by Mia $29

2. Damian by Lauren by Ralph Lauren $59

3.  Maya 2 by Belle by Sigerson Morrison $175

4.  Abagale by Fossil $89

5.  Venice by Tommy Hilfiger $89

6. Francineby Tommy Hilfiger $79

Weekend Recap: Ktown, Hunger Games, Israeli Songbook, Redbox, etc

Wow can I say…I had a really busy weekend!  Here are some picture collages to “recap” the weekend for us~


Markel and I went to a goodbye party for our favorite Byons.  We hit up Moo Dae Po II in ktown as well as Touhmi.  Let’s just say…Soju and Dynamites were the biggest MVPs!  I haven’t had Korean BBQ in a while and I have to say…I could go back and eat the buffet again.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t get to eat my fill…maybe it’s because I was distracted by the MVPs…*ahem* but I love gogi! (meat)


Markel and I ran a bunch of errands and finally got my Ikea rug!  Wahoo!

Then we met my bff and her family for Hunger Games ❤

In the evening, Markel and I went on a dinner date to westwood and saw Noa: The Israeli Songbook at UCLA Live.  I received AWESOME tickets as a gift and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Noa sang in both English and Hebrew and focused on Hebrew Classics from the 1930s-1970s.  LOVED.

ps–the pic of all the phones?  That was before hunger games~ all 6 of us were playing “draw something”.  LOL


-Church as always

-Had friends in town so we went to “Gil Mok” (The Corner Place) and the food was AMAZING~!!

(Read my Review of the food here)

-Finished the rest of the rainy day inside watching movies in bed ❤

Birthday Theme Ideas: Revenge/Hamptons

This year is my golden birthday~ Meaning that I’m turning 28 on the 28th of June!  It’s a huge day and milestone for me, so I’m determined to make it count!

One Idea I’ve been thinking about…Revenge theme (Hamptons-esque attire)

It’s the perfect theme since it’s pretty stinking hot in LA during the summer. =)    Now I just need to find a venue!  Any suggestions?

Fashion Inspiration Board:

I’m an early planner…lol…I know ;P

Bloomspot Daily Deal: Gorjana

This morning I was SHOCKED to see that Gorjana Jewelry was having a coupon daily deal today!  Gojana is a jewelry line that I’m OBSESSED WITH but find out that they were having an awesome deal!  You can either pay $30 for $65 or $50 for $110.  Gosh, this deal is so stinking exciting!  If you remember, I wrote about a bracelet a few posts ago (click here).  Now I can get one for myself AND a friend!  teehee~

here are some of my favorites ❤



Essie Nail Polish: Set in stone


How gorgeous right?!  I found the picture below, wrote about it a while back and was really excited to copy it =)  Bought the Essie Nail Polish from Target this past Saturday in the color: Set in stone.  GORGeous~French Tipping with Glitter Nail Polish is a billion times easier than with a regular color because you can’t mess up~ the glitter pieces aren’t going to be perfect anyways! Let me know if anyone else tries this~ I’d love to see what yours looks like!

Gorjana Bracelet from Shopbop

Gorjana Bracelet $49
Gorjana Parker Leather Wrap Bracelet

 Isn’t this bracelet GORGEOUS??  I want!!

Hautelook Haul: Tulle, City Slips, Spring Sunglass Blowout


Oh Lord…I swear I’m not a shopaholic and that I will stop buying things from Hautelook!  Unfortunately…today is not one of them…

This morning I snagged 2 pairs of aviators!  I’ve been searching for a pair for YEARS and every time I find one that’s wide enough for my face…it isn’t cute.  So when I saw these today and looked at the measurements~ I had to get!

From my previous purchases, I got these items in the mail this past week and they are all ADORBS!!!  I didn’t have time to take pictures of me wearing the dress~ but this is SUPER CUTE on!  It’s classic and would go perfectly with a few events I have planned this summer. ❤
Puffy Sleeve Dress $29
City Slips: Foldable Ballet Flats with Expandable Tote  $15 per pair
(I have a few trips to vegas this summer and


Hautelook Sale: Hello Kitty Shoes!!

I’m OBSESSED with Hello Kitty.  I typically only like the red one (the OG version), but there are times when the other version of HK are adorable.  These shoes below are TO DIE FOR~~~ Plus they’re super affordable!!  I REALLLLY want the pink heels or the black flats…but After my next post…you’ll see why I need to stop shopping!! haha (yup…ANOTHER hautelook haul and update)

Hilary Duff has a Boy!

Hilary and her husband, Mike Comrie, welcomed a baby boy into the world!  Luca Cruz Comrie was 7lbs and 6oz~ and was born on March 20th, 2012.

WOW!  Our Lizzie McGuire has grown up!

L’oreal Nail Color: Stroke of Midnight (570)


Love this new shade!!  Got it at CVS and it was on sale for $4.99!

(Sorry the pic is a little blurry.  Myphone camera phone can be finicky.)