Hugh Hefner Opens Up and Reveals Why Crystal Harris Bailed on their Wedding and Marriage

Apparently the reason why she left wasn’t because she got cold feet~ it’s because Hef was forcing her to sign a prenup!  According to PerezHilton, “Last month, Crystal Harris was overheard admitting that her engagement to Hugh Hefner was all for publicity, and now Hef’s got a thing or two to say about it himself.

Things started to go sour when Crustal didn’t want to sign the prenup and it was obvious that she was only in it for the fame and her fascination with the playboy lifestyle.  WOW…

This makes sense…Is Crystal really the bad one here?  Does that mean Holly Madison was RIGHT??  Crystal wasn’t a good fit for him??




J.K. Rowling Reportedly Wrote An Alternate Ending For ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’

Have you seen Part 2 of “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows”?  If you haven’t, it’s a DEFINITE must see.  I was a HUGE fan of the books and was so enraptured by the story that I could barely put the book down!

Now, the final movie has hit theatres and fans across the world were sad that the ten year franchise had come to an end.  That is until….we find out that JK Rowling has written an ALTERNATE ending to the series!!


Here’s what had to say:

British journalist and author Greg Palast has posted an interesting article on his official website this week that claims to reveal the alternate ending that author J.K. Rowling wrote for the final Harry Potter novel The Deathly Hallows. According to Palast, he and Rowling are friendly enough that she revealed to him in confidence the other ending she came up with for the final book. He claims that she divulged this other ending to him after he expressed to her his disappointment with the ending that was published in the book (he felt the published ending was too influenced by the eventual movie to follow). While Palast confesses he never saw the typed, hardcopy of this other ending, he claims that he remembers almost precisely what she told him … and now shares it with the world all these years later. Curious about this supposed other ending? Click below to read it in full.

To the Forbidden Forest

Harry marched toward the field where Voldemort waited with his pack of Dementors. Harry’s scar burned brutally, saving him the pain of thinking too deeply about his decision, likely to bring him nothing but death.

What special evil, what deadly and devious spell had the Dark Lord prepared for Harry’s destruction? Voldemort had hunted after Harry for more than a decade; doubtless Voldemort would arm himself with a special curse far more powerful and final than the Avada Kedavra which had failed to kill Harry as a child.

Harry was terribly right. The Dark Lord, in his clearing in the Forbidden Forest, was preparing a charm as devastating as Harry feared, and far more horrific. As Harry marched to this fated meeting, Voldemort passed his wand among the icy Dementors, commanding each to lay their Kiss upon it.

Voldemort, in those pained, lonely nights of his exile and recovery, had conceived of a way to hurl a Dementor’s kiss from his wand, the kiss that would take away the soul of its victim forever. And now he would blast Harry with hundreds of them. Voldemort’s reward would be greater than watching Harry’s burial. He would have Harry frozen in place, Harry’s living being encased for eternity at the moment of Harry’s ultimate humiliation and defeat, a terrifying monument to Voldemort’s victory for all to see for all time. Voldemort’s joy rose with every Dementor’s kiss to his wand.

Harry could feel their grave-like cold as he approached and the pull of their despair. It was hopeless, and he was helpless in the face of it. And he knew it.

But then, Harry felt the presence of a young man and woman, though he could not see them. These two ghosts lovingly held his body up and raised his spirit. It was, he was certain, the last remaining life-force of his parents, making one last sacrifice by joining him on his final journey. He allowed himself a moment of peaceful happiness, feeling them so close.

Then he stopped. Harry shivered with a deep chill of recognition. They were not his parents. They were Voldemort’s: the young Tom Riddle and his bride who, for this occasion, had taken back her beautiful maid’s countenance. They said, using no words, “Our dearest son, we will not allow you to be harmed.”

Were their words for him? Or for Voldemort? Somehow, it didn’t seem to matter – they seemed so kind when he needed nothing more at this moment than a parent’s love.

Harry, and the two warm spirits becoming more visible, approached the edge of the swirling crowd of Voldemort’s followers, who parted, preparing to give the victim an easy corridor to his doom.

Voldemort’s wand had returned to his white, skeletal hand. The Dark Lord pointed it confidently to where Harry would surely emerge from the crowd, not yet to destroy Potter but to hold him while he prepared to give Harry an oration on the eternal punishment about to strike him.

Voldemort laughed when Harry stumbled through. But when the Dark Lord saw the specters of his parents, he howled as if cut in half. With his furious heart in flames, Voldemort immediately unleashed the deadly Kisses, bellowing, “Oppugno Mortimbessios!” And all the vile terrors of the Dementors, in an unstoppable flash from his wand, rushed toward Harry and the spirits at his side.

It was only a hundredth of a second for Voldemort’s curse to reach Harry. But somehow the world seemed to slow down, the Earth ceased to rotate; all on the planet held still, though Harry was aware he was free to move. Harry had planned every shield charm for his defense, but all now were clearly useless. Harry found himself unable to do more than calmly bend to one knee and bow his head, preparing to accept the force of the blow and his death and end.

As he kneeled, in that quiet moment outside time, the two shadows flew from him toward Voldemort. And Voldemort changed. The Dementors’ chill wind, and Time, moved backward; and there was Voldemort, growing to his younger, more potent, frightening self.

The curse struck Harry’s scar, obliterating it, then, in a loud roar, he felt the crushing pain of his skull opening, and then the shrieking curse rushing from his head – back toward the wand that sent it.

As the curse turned back toward him, Voldemort continued to grow younger still, until he was a little child again with his mother and father at his side. When they realized the full force of Voldemort’s own spell was about to strike him, his parents put their reassuring arms around their son to protect him from this ultimate blow.

And then it struck. And now the three entwined souls, Tom Riddle, his wife and young child, would remain forever entombed in that one moment, never able to leave.

And never wanting to.

Hogwarts AD 2130

The headmaster, his stringy white beard uncombed and his wrinkled, bald head topped by a drooping wizard’s cap, looked with wistful gratitude at the empty picture frame he’d convinced the Ministry to put up, despite their reluctance. He knew he’d soon be residing in that little square etched with the name, “Harry Potter,” separated from Albus Dumbledore’s only by the portraits of Headmistresses McGonagall and Chang.

The old wizard could hear below the school abuzz with preparations for his 150th birthday. He shifted Ginny, a bird of paradise, to a perch nearer his desk. His wife, rather than grow old, had turned herself into this beautiful bird, but still insisted on giving un-birdlike advice. “Harry, dearest, you can’t miss your own birthday party. And it’s so lovely outside.”

Indeed, the summer day had brought out scores of picnickers who had come to set their baskets and blankets out near the warm light cast by the living statue of the happy family with the little child. No one but the old headmaster knew who was encased in that glowing sphere. When the Dementors were released from the spell of Voldemort, they, and indeed every wizard excepting Harry and the shade of Albus, were cleansed of all memory of the Dark Lord. Now, after more than a century, curiosity about the family in the statue had long ago ceased. Harry had simply ordered a plaque placed there. It said only, “Riddles.”

“I will go,” he told his feathered wife, “but I have to keep an eye on the boy for a bit.” Harry’s great, great grandson, not yet able to walk, silently played on the rug with his chocolate frog. Then suddenly, in inexplicable anger, little Tom crushed the candy animal. Harry watched this, and knew the whole world would soon darken again for generations to come.


Keep in mind, this other ending presented by Greg Palast was written by him from memory of what he claims Rowling told him. Naturally it won’t read exactly as Rowling may have written it (if, indeed, she did compose this other ending) but I suppose it sounds plausible enough. I sincerely doubt we will ever know for sure if this other ending is a genuine creation of Rowling‘s imagination (and I suspect Rowling may not be as friendly with Palast from here on out) but it is a curious read. What do y’all think? Does this other ending story ring true to you? What do you think of this other Harry Potter ending?

Vanessa Hudgens New Hair: Hate it or Love it?

I can honestly say…I hate it.  But it’s for her upcoming flick Gimme Shelter also staring Brenden Frasier and Rosario Dawson.  The movie, set to premiere in 2012, looks like it’ll be great~ but the hair…has to go!

Ben Affleck Helped Jennifer Lopez With Crumbling Marriage

Wow…I guess through it all…Jennifer really respected and trusted Ben!  They were once engaged/dating for 18-months before they called it quits in January 2004.  The actor even gave Lopez a HUGE pink diamond engagement ring!

Now it seems he’s happy to help his ex while she’s going through her divorce to her husband of 7 years.  *tear *

Here’s what UsWeekly Had to Say:

Guadalupe Lopez, the singer-actress’s mother (and plus-one at the July 9 BAFTA bash with the royals in Hollywood), sought Affleck’s advice on July 12, multiple sources confirm in the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday. “Guadalupe reached out to Ben over email. She wanted advice for Jennifer,” reveals a source.

“She always liked and trusted him. [Ben] replied back on email, wished her well and offered what he could,” the source says of Affleck, 38, now happily married with two daughters to Jennifer Garner. (Lopez, now 41, wed Latin crooner Anthony, 42, just months after she and Affleck split.)

Three days after that secret email exchange with Affleck, Lopez and Anthony announced the end of their union in a joint statement. “It was a very bad marriage, and Jennifer got the courage to end things,” an insider says, adding, “[Marc] was a terrible husband.”

At issue: Anthony’s raging jealousy over Lopez’s career, his compulsion to control everything from her business endeavors and even her famous wardrobe, and, according to multiple sources, at least one extra-marital affair in 2009.

And despite her ultra-glamourous, ultra-confident persona in the public eye, Lopez “actually has low self-esteem,” one pal explains. “And Marc really played into that insecurity. That’s why she put up with his abuse for such a long time.”

Emma Watson on the Cover of Bazaar, August 2011

Emma Watson Gives Good Face For Harpers Bazaar UK

Emma Watson Gives Good Face For Harpers Bazaar UK

Emma Watson Gives Good Face For Harpers Bazaar UK

Emma Watson Gives Good Face For Harpers Bazaar UK

Emma Watson Gives Good Face For Harpers Bazaar UK

The One: Harry Winston Micropavé Ring, Cushion-cut

I have searched High and Low and even thought that my future hubby would have to design the ring himself.  But what do you know?  Harry Winston was thinking the exact same thing =P

This has got to be the most gorgeous set I have ever seen in my life.  This FLAWLESS creation is a sight to see!  Personally, I think I would buy two wedding bands and wear one above and one below the engagement ring.  hehehe  To give my ring finger and extra, blinding glow~~

Here are the ring specs according to the website:

Micropavé Ring, Cushion-cut

Cushion-cut micropavé diamond engagement ring, featured here in 3.03 carats; platinum setting.

Micropavé diamond wedding band, featured here in total weight 0.28 carats; platinum setting.

From Harry Winston


What do you guys think?  Do you know what kind of ring you want?

Rumor: Marc Anthony is a Controlling Husband

The shock is now over…Jennifer Lopez, 40, and Marc Anothy, 42, are getting divorced after 7 years of marriage.  I don’t think anyone saw this coming, but now that the news is out…maybe rumors are coming forward (probably from her camp) of why they are getting divorced.

Rumor 1: Anthony was aparently SUPER overbearing, controlling and made Lopez feel shitty about her body.  Whenever she wanted to wear something sexy or body baring~ he would step in and tell her that no mother in her 40s should wear something like that.  Despite that fact that People Magazine named her most beautiful in the world and UsWeekly named her Style Icon of the Decade…Anthony felt otherwise.

After they were married, he apparently hated her “sex symbol” status and did whatever he could to suppress it.  That’s prob why he knocked her up with twins!  lol  Hoping she’d get a permanent fat ass or something…

Rumor 2: Anthony was apparently very negative and depressed.  After 7 years, she could only take so much of it and had to move on with her life.


Who knows if these are true…but I do think that Lopez’s style and image has changed since she married Anthony.

Royal News: Duchess Kate, Queen Elizabeth to Bond on Summer Vacation

Duchess Kate, Queen Elizabeth to Bond on Summer



From UsWeekly:

Summer vacation with the royal Grandmother-in-Law!

Duchess Kate has scored her very first invite to the royal summer holiday at the Balmoral estate in Scotland, London’s Telegraph reports. Kate and hubby Prince William, both 29, are set to join elder royals toward the end of August.

The newlyweds will be joining the Queen, Prince Philip plus Prince Charles and Camilla for royal picnics, home-cinema evenings and even family barbecues where Philip himself takes over the grill!

The getaway is a prime opportunity for Kate to meet the staff at Balmoral, where she will one day be mistress of the house.

Plus, Kate and the Queen can bond! “This is quite an important visit for Kate because, believe it or not, The Queen does not really know her very well at all,” Ingrid Seward of Majesty magazine tells The Telegraph.

“Kate has never had an invitation before to stay at Balmoral – but she is family now and The Queen wants to get to know her…The Queen needs to present Kate to Scotland. The time has come.”

(“William and Catherine are now spending time as a married couple on Anglesey,” a Clarence House rep said. “We cannot comment on their future private time.”

Before that trip, however, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to attend another royal wedding in Edinburgh on July 30: Prince William’s first cousin Zara Phillipps is set to wed Mike Tindall.

Ivanka Trump Gives Birth to Baby Girl!

Ivanka, daughter of famous mogul Donald Trump, gave birth to her first daughter.  She and hubby, Jared Kushner, recently got married at one of Donald Trump’s estates.

Both have grown up in privileged households and joked about how it’ll be tough not to spoil their new little bundle of joy.


Congrats you two!!

See Vanessa Minnillo in Her Wedding Dress!

OMG I can’t wait to see the real pics!!  Although I don’t love Vanessa as much as Jessica, I do think she’s a much better match for Nick and a lot more sensible.  I hope they last!!


From UsWeekly:


Vanessa Minnillo donned Monique Lhuillier to say “I do” to Nick Lachey at their Friday wedding — and Us Weekly has the very first snaps of the couple’s nuptials, which took place in a stunning setting: atop a cliff overlooking the ocean on Necker Island.

It was tiny, family-only affair for Wipe Out hostess Minnillo, 30, and The Sing Off host Lachey, 37, who arrived on the tropical paradise via private jet last Tuesday.

Fans will get to see the uber-romantic days for themselves on an upcoming TLC wedding special.

“[Our wedding is] for us, for the people in our lives who are close to us and mean a lot to us,” Lachey said recently “That’s the way we wanted it, and I’m happy we’re able to do it that way.”

Added Lachey, whose first wedding (and the honeymoon phase) to Jessica Simpson was filmed for MTV: “Having done reality TV in the past, I didn’t necessarily want to jump right back into it without having thought it through to great length, and we did.”

Victoria and David Beckham’s Baby Girl (First Pics!)

HOW ADORABLE!!!  Harper Seven is one lucky baby~

DUNZO: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony BREAK UP!

From UsWeekly:

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Split

Jenny’s back on the singles block.

After seven years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have separated, their rep tells Us Weekly exclusively.

“We have decided to end our marriage. This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters,” they said in a statement. “It is a painful time for all involved, and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”

The couple are parents to three-year-old twins Max and Emme.

Crooner Anthony, 42, was conspicuously absent at Saturday’s star-packed BAFTA Brits to Watch bash in L.A., where wife Lopez, 40, met Prince William and Duchess Kate with mom Guadalupe as her date.

Friends for years, Lopez and Anthony dated briefly in the 1990s. They stepped out again as a couple in early 2004, shortly after Lopez’s broken engagement from Ben Affleck, and in the midst of Anthony’s divorce from first wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. They wed at a quiet home wedding in June 2004.

Just last year, they renewed their wedding vows for their sixth anniversary at their Hidden Hills, Calif. estate June 5. “We realized the bets in Vegas [on whether we’d make it] stopped at five years,” Anthony joked to Us at the time. (The duo also renewed their vows in 2008, and playfully dirty-danced together at Us Weekly‘s Hot Hollywood bash in April 2010.)

And as recently as January, singer, actress and American Idol judge Lopez gushed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show about being a parent with Anthony. “As soon as I had the babies, I thought to myself, ‘I want to do this a thousand more times…I love this. This is life.”

Anthony and first wife Torres share sons Cristin, 10, and Ryan, 7. Lopez (who famously dated Sean Combs in addition to Affleck), had been married twice before: to restauranteur Ojani Noa (they split in 1998) and former backup dancer Cris Judd, to whom she was married from 2001 to 2003.

Camille Rowe Spring 2011

Oh man…this reminds me of summer.  Such fun prints and colors~


Harper Seven Beckham’s Name Explained

Harper Seven Beckham's Name Explained

Suri, Apple, Monroe…and now Harper Seven!

On Sunday, Victoria Beckham gave birth to her first daughter, and she and husband David anointed their little one with a curious new moniker: Harper Seven!

So, what’s in that name, anyway?

“Harper is an old english name that [Victoria] has always liked,” a source close to Victoria, 37, and David, 36, tells Us Weekly.

(The Beckhams’ little girl isn’t the first Harper in Hollywood: Tiffani Thiessen and husband Brady Smith named their daughter Harper Renn after her June 2010 birth.)

But what about that “seven”? Although the number corresponds to soccer star David’s old jersey number, the source explains: “Seven is a very spiritual lucky number. She was born in the seventh month, in the seventh hour.”

The little girl arrived Sunday at 7:55 a.m. at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. Her older brothers are Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6.

Baby News: Jewel and Ty Murray Welcome Son Kase Townes!


From UsWeekly:

Her own little jewel!

Jewel gave birth to son Kase Townes in Texas Monday, her rep confirms to Us Weekly. The newborn weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz.

The first time mom, 37, and her hubby Ty Murray, 41, tried for two years to conceive.

“I’m doing really good,” Jewel told Us in January. “I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of shooting [Bravo’s Platinum Hit], so that was a little hard. I was tired, but other than that I’m good.”

She and Murray (they wed in 2008) were “very excited” to become parents. “We can’t wait!” she gushed.

In March, the pregnant singer was involved in a scary collision with a fire truck. Fortunately, neither she nor her baby were seriously injured, although she admitted on Twitter she was “real sore and banged up.”

So what helped her survive? “One thing I do know is my car saved my and baby’s life,” Jewel wrote. “Definitely going to get another Cadillac SRX! It absorbed all the damage and kept me safe!”

As it happens, Jewel released Lullaby — a collection of songs for kids — back in 2009.

Royal News: Will and Kate Visit Skid Row in LA

From UsWeekly:

Prince William‘s comedy tour of North America is, sadly, just about finished!

For their second-to-last engagement in Los Angeles before flying back home Sunday, he and Duchess Kate paid a visit to Inner City Arts, a program for disadvantaged children in the Skid Row section of downtown L.A.

After hitting a painting class, the couple joined a small group in a pottery classroom, where they helped out in the construction of giant, painted clay turtles — and showed a knack for working with children.

“Look at the size of that!” William, 29, marveled as he and Kate, also 29, warmly greeted the kids, donned aprons and started getting to work.

Kate used a scalpal to cut small designs out of the clay for her table’s turtle. “Do you come to classes quite a lot?” she asked one child.

William worked on the face of his turtle and playfully asked (to much laughter) his table for feedback. “Should we make it a smiley tortoise? A happy one? A crazy tortoise?” After the group decided the creature should be a boy, William had a good name in mind. “Should we name it Harry?”

As they crafted the eyes for the turtle, he added: “”Have you guys ever seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? No? It’s a cartoon much cooler than it sounds.”

He was proud to show his new wife their handiwork. “This is our turtle. We’ve named him William!” The Duchess beamed.

The royal couple then placed their handprints in clay squares to sign — struggling a bit to do so with the hard clay. William soon discovered clay stains on his pants. “I’ve made a mess, haven’t I? It’s my own fault for not wearing an apron!”

“I’m having fun,” he said before it was time to go. “I could stay here all day. This is brilliant.”

Prince William And Kate Middleton Leave LA and Fly Commercial!


From UsWeekly:

The Duke and Duchess have left the building!

Wrapping up their North American tour, Prince William and Kate boarded a London-bound plane at LAX on Sunday afternoon. And for the journey home, the royals didn’t charter a private plane — they flew commercial!

William and Kate (plus their entourage and security) took a regularly scheduled flight on a British Airways jumbo jet. The royal group of 14 flew first class (seats 1A – 1K) on a flight with everyday passengers as well. Sadly, the newlyweds didn’t get to wave before going onboard.

Another unexpected detail of their final day? Fashion icon Kate, 29, only donned one outfit for three engagements (a private charity event featuring Reese Witherspoon in Santa Barbara, a visit with kids on Skid Row in downtown L.A., and war vet event at Sony Studios). The Duchess wore a navy and white crochet top and a white pleated skirt from London store Whistles. This time, Kate’s look was frugal; the blouse was from Whistles’ 2007 fall collection!

Just before that flight, William, 29, gave his parting remarks at Sony Studios for Service Nation: Mission Serve, a program honoring members of the armed services. “As this is my last opportunity before we leave this afternoon, I would just say, on behalf of us both, how grateful we are to have been welcomed so warmly in the Golden State and the City of Angels. Thank you so much.”

Will and Kate at the BAFTA Bash in Hollywood!

Baby News! Victoria, David Beckham Name Daughter Harper Seven

From UsWeekly:

Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz . . . and Harper!

Hours after Victoria Beckham gave birth to a healthy baby girl in L.A. Sunday morning, David Beckham announced his daughter’s name via Facebook.

“I am so proud and excited to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Seven Beckham,” the soccer star, 36, wrote. “She weighed a healthy 7lbs 10oz and arrived at 7:55 this morning, here in LA. Victoria is doing really well and her brothers are delighted to have a baby sister xx.”

Little Harper Seven is the first girl for David and Victoria, 37, who’ve been married for 12 years and have been raising sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6. No word yet on what inspired the name “Harper,” but her numerical middle name is a reference to her dad’s old soccer jersey number when he played for Manchester United and England. (Beckham had to give up the “7” jersey number when he joined Spain’s Real Madrid team, because the number was already assigned to team captain Raul.)

Before Harper’s birth, the trio of boys had some ideas for what to name their little sis. “Romeo was like…What about Justine Bieber Beckham?” David said.

Pregnant Victoria Beckham

How gorgeous is this pic?!  David (her hubby) took it while she was sunbathing at her house and posted it on his twitter ❤