Current Wishlist from Nordstroms

There are so many pretty things in this world that I want!!  Since I’m trying not to shop until after Hawai’i… here’s a wishlist of things I want (and also distract me from going out and buying it!).

1. A new purse

A. Kate Spade–‘cedar street harmony – medium’ tote

B. Alexander Wang–‘Rockie – Dumbo Black’ Leather Satchel

C. Chloé–‘Marcie’ Top Handle Leather Satchel

D. Saint Laurent–‘Sac de Jour – Small’ Leather Tote

2. Slouchy Sweaters

A.  Vince–Drape Front Cardigan

B.–Vince–Crewneck Cashmere Sweater

C.–autumn cashmere–Stripe Cashmere Sweater

D.–Donna Karan–Collection Drape Neck Cashmere Sweater

E.–Tildon–Bouclé Knit Robe Cardigan

F.  Yigal Azrouël–Textured Stripe Cardigan

3. New Shoes

A.  J. Reneé  ‘Lilliana’ Pump (Online Only)

B. VC Signature–‘Karren’ Boot

C.   DV by Dolce Vita–‘Marv’ Flat

D.  Hunter–‘Original Tall’ Gloss Rain Boot (Women)

4. New Sunnies

A.  Ray-Ban–‘Original Aviator’ 58mm Polarized Sunglasses

B.  Wildfox–‘Classic Fox’ Sunglasses

C. Wildfox–‘Kitten’ 56mm Sunglasses

D. Prada–Oversized Retro Sunglasses

Staff Development Day

Once a year, UCLA throws a huge Staff Development Day on the lawn outside my building.  about 100,000 employees gather and have lunch together, picnic on the grass, listen to music and just get… well appreciated. =P

My coworkers and I spent an amazing 2-hour lunch together just catching up & enjoying the summer day.  xoxo  It’s always awesome to see so many familiar faces on campus eating, dancing (with the live music) and unwinding on a picnic blanket. ❤


My Turkey Lunch Box


Waterlemon.  YUMMM


Our little picnic ❤


My new Shoes!! xoxo



Weekend Recap & Photodump

This past weekend was SUPER chill and low key.

Thursday: Caught up with my old roommie/bridesmaid.  It was fun to spend a night catching up with no boys and only each other.  We’ve decided to call our new wine nights, Thirsty Thursdays! =)


Friday Night: I went to a beautiful birthday party at Cliff‘s in Silverlake.  It was beautiful outside and the food was delicious!  (the portions were a little small though…but whatevs >.<)  The birthday girl gave each of us super cute party favors too!  SO SWEET!!!  I havent’ gotten a party favor since I was a kid.  It was such a classy touch. ❤

Another insanely good idea I learned that night was…BIRTHDAY WISH LISTS!!  She made a list and everyone got something off of it.  PERRRRFECT. xoxo  I’m definitely doing that next year!  (*wink wink * friends!!)


Saturday was…a celebration of ME.  I literally did 7 loads of laundry, clean the kitchen & both bathrooms, cleaned/swept the patio and watched a ridiculous number of lifetime movies and cheesy chick flicks.  Markel was away for the weekend so I was free to do whatever I wanted.  I also got to cook a few tastey meals and each random leftover throughout the day.


Sunday, I went to church and then drove down to Huntington Beach to meet up with another old Roomie.  ❤

Note below: OC has TONS of free parking spaces and each space is HUGE.  OC=1, LA=0  >.<


All in all, it was a fun weekend with Old Roomies and just hanging out alone.  I forgot what it was like to live without markel!  Apparently…it’s crazy productive =P  hehehe just kiddddding…

Anyway, this weekend is Labor Day weekend and Markel and I are going to see his parents out in Beaumont (near Palm Springs).  I can’t wait!  I love going out there, spending time with the in-laws and just relaxing away from LA~~  This weekend I hope to catch lots of sun and eat lots of good food.  ❤

Throwback Thursday

Elevate 2009




Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails


Trying this out 🙂  I’m obsessed with trying to get my hair thicker (like it used to be before college) and having glowing skin.  Let’s hope this really works! ♡

Elorie Bella Ballet Flats

Gilt Group was having a sale this week and I snatched up 2 pairs of Bella Ballet Flats.  I wanted like 5 different colors, but Markel would kill me…so I secretly bought 2 instead. =P  I picked these because they looked really comfortable and they had a nice amount of cushion at the bottom of the shoes~ which means I can wear them at work =)

 Originally selling for $188, these babies were on sale for $79!Image 3 Image 4

This was the one I REALLY wanted, but they didn’t have my size =(

Image 2


Weekend Recap & Photodump: Santa Barbara/Los Olivos

 Last weekend, my small group and I went to Santa Barbara for the weekend (Los Olivos to be exact) and it was one of the most fun weekends away that I’ve had this year!

We rented a house in the middle of town (because it was close to the vineyards) and it turned out to be a great find!  Los Olivos was having a big art fair on Saturday and we were literally a block from all the tasting rooms/restaurants.  xo

As a group we ate a lot, played a bunch of games and drank a ridiculous amount of wine.  It was the perfect weekend of bonding and learning new vocabulary like Rachet. =P

 Here’s a photodump of our weekend.


 Our Backyard~ it was GORGEOUS (pictures aren’t very great…)


The Art Fair!



Wine Tasting ❤




MIke Boo, Trivial Pursuit, Cards Against Humanity


Our teams =)  (we won by 1 point!!)




cupcake flight1


Our last group shot


Driving Back to LA


Our last meal together was at Soup Plantation.  I love that place.  Markel had never been there before so it was fun to introduce him to all my favorite things.

AND…the great news of a late weekend recap post is… It’s already FRIDAY!!  WAHOO.  I can’t wait for this weekend~~ xoxo

Happy Friday Everyone!

Throwback Thursday





Weekend Recap & Photodump: Big Bear

Two weekends ago Markel and I went to Big Bear with his friends.  It was absolutely amazing.  I’ve never been in the summer nor have I seen the lake~ so this was quite the treat. Our friend owns the cabin and it was a real treat to check out this sweet spot by the lake.  We jet skied, played a LOT of board games, and did some fun things that shall remain pictureless ❤

Here are little bits of our weekend. xo



Jet Skies on the lake, snacks, beer and sand castles~ the perfect weekend!


Markel and I got super sunburned.  I applied sunscreen twice and my face/shoulders were still crispy.  The sun was very intense on the lake!

Can’t wait to back to the lake with friends again~~

Naturalizer Women’s Upton Ballet Flat

I’m a little sad to say it…but I ordered these last week via Amazon Prime.  I used to go for flats based on looks (no matter the comfort level), but I made this purchase based on comfort only.  I rarely walk around on campus because I worry about the shoes I’m wearing.  If my shoes are cute, it doesn’t feel great to walk across campus during the day and walk around the office all day.

So…I finally gave in and purchased these babies.  They were rated most comfortable + were the cutest out of the comfort section.  *sigh *  I don’t know if I’m becoming older (ahjumma) or if was a smart move.  In any case, I’ll be sporting these bad boys now.

Link to Purchase

(I liked that I could select 7.5 wide.  Most designer shoes don’t have that option)

First Casual Royal Photo of Georgie

eek obsessed with this family ❤  What a wonderful family~~

Scoops Outing

This was a few weeks back~ but my bff came into town for a visit so we planned a weekend of fun.  Here was one of our outings near my apartment. ❤


20130727_170159  20130727_170220

photobombed by michael in the back ❤20130727_170228

Sole Society Boots: Becky

I want these!!  If you go to the Sole Society website, you can get a 20% off coupon code + free shipping.  That means that these babies are only $64 + tax=)  This was my first time on their site and I really want like 5 pairs of shoes!!  gahhh  Think Markel will give me a “back to school” shopping spree??

I want the black ones ❤

Other shoes I’m lusting after…

Maybelliene Lipsticks


Picked these gorgeous Colors up today.  Xo

Throwback Thursday





Adamson House Group Pic

A few weeks ago our work group went on a Staff Development day trip to Malibu.  Our first stop, Adamson House!  It was a fun tour that had a BEAUTIFUL view of the pacific ocean.

Love this work group ❤

Group Photo 1

Nordstroms Shoes + Tobi


Love these shoes!  They have padding in the bottom and I can wear them all day!

(A little Tobi throwback)

Big Bear

Went to Big Bear this weekend and it was SUCH A BLAST!! xoxo  More pics to come with my weekend update.


Knuckle Rings Have Arrived!!

I ordered knuckle rings from Etsy recently (post here) and they finally arrived in the mail!  They were so teeny tiny that I was sure they wouldn’t even fit.

I like them a lot.  I haven’t worn them or tested them out~ but just trying them on was adorable.  The service was fast, efficient, and I would purchase with the vendor again.

Etsy Store: Galisfly who ships from Israel



Weekend Recap and Photodump

Work this week has been a bit cray.  So this update is late as well… but what else is new huh?

Last weekend was a really good mix of rest and friends.  I had 2 birthdays to celebrate and each one did it in total style ❤

Friday–Markel and I started Orange is the New Black.

Saturday–I went to a fabulous Birthday Brunch in Westwood at a place called Tavern.  I’ve always wondered about the food here and it really surpassed my imagination.  TOTALLY recommend it for girlfriends who brunch, big groups, and romantic dinners.




Then for Dinner, We celebrated our beloved Jdawgs Dirty Thirty at Lala’s Argentine Grill on Melrose.  LOVED the food and Sangria here.




After Dinner, off to Drinks at Edendales in Silverlake! ❤


Sunday, Markel and I had a friend staying with us so we spent the morning relaxing and eating together.  The boys went golfing in the morning while I tried to cook us a new recipe that ended up being a total fail.  *sigh *  But the boys were nice enough to clean their plates in front of me. =)

For a late lunch/early dinner, I went to Ugo with my bestie.  I forgot how amazing the food is there!


For the first time in a long time~ the weekend fun did NOT stop there.  I met up with girlfriends on Monday for a delicious Korean dinner in ktown.  Tried out a new place called School Food.  I haven’t had Korean food in so long I inhaled everything!


Tuesday Night, the Bs and I celebrated/enjoyed our last meal together as single ladies.  One of the Bs is about to have a little one any day!  It was the last wine night without babies ❤  Can’t wait for what this year will bring for the rest of us!


ANNNDDD, now it’s almost the weekend again! =)  Markel and I are going to Big Bear with a big group of friends so I can’t wait to get dark, play in the water, and enjoy getting out of LA for a bit.

Happy Friday Eve!